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This page allows you to control the data collection policy related to our data collection script used on websites, including this one.

To learn what data we collect and how consumer information is used please visit our Consumer Information page. Please note that we have additional consumer privacy statements (available via the links below) that govern website use for our products and services in addition to Online Shopper Insight. However, the consumer privacy options set forth on this page specifically manage the collection, storage and use of consumer information obtained by our business subscribers of Online Shopper Insight and govern where there are conflicts or such other policies are silent.

We honor your consumer privacy preferences through cookies associated with the browser you’re using now. Update your preferences using the links below using each browser on each device.

Note: If you delete our cookie it will be necessary to repeat this process. Most browsers will allow you to see what cookies you have and delete them on an individual basis or block cookies from particular or all sites. Be aware that any preference set will be lost if you delete all cookies, including your preference to opt-out from cookies as this itself requires an opt-out cookie to have been set. For more information on how to modify your browser settings to block or filter cookies, see or Cookie Central.




If you have previously opted-out of data collection, you can choose to cancel that opt-out by clicking the link below.

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If you wish to remain anonymous, and select the link below, we will continue to monitor your interaction with the website. This means we will not collect anything you enter into forms, selection boxes or text boxes. We will also disable the collection of any content from the pages you view, but will continue to collect general website activities to use in derived data sets which do not disclose identity or origin.

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Complete Opt-Out

If you wish to completely opt-out of the site’s monitoring you can click the link below. We will disable all monitoring of your use of the websites stated above. We will however record the fact that a ‘Complete Opt-Out’ selection has been made, so that aggregated totals of ‘Total Opt-Out’ figures can be calculated and recorded.

We would encourage you to review the Privacy Policy of the site prior to making this choice, as the data we capture is designed to help the site owners better understand your needs and interests to deliver you better services.

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